Fireclean Turns to Jelly in Storage?

I have been a huge fan of Fireclean brand lube for a long time now – since the product was first released and I saw how well it cut through carbon and kept moving parts clean through rough operation. Even with the ‘vegetable oil’ scandal I still use it to this day.

Just yesterday I may have found a reason to not use it in certain circumstances, unfortunately.

The Fireclean lube I had on a rifle that was in storage turned into a dark mass of jelly!

This was sure to clog the rifle and cause it to have irregular operation. When I tired to hand-cycle the bolt in the carrier after removing it from the upper it was very slow and you could feel the coagulated lube inside the rifle jamming it up. I have heard of this happening in other articles online before but never thought that it would happen to one of my rifles in storage. It definitely gummed-up and even coated the inside of the upper with the now gelatinous lube.

Take a look at the YouTube video below that I put up showing how thick the lube turned as well as photos below it.

I now run only CLP in my ‘stored’ rifles and hopefully my mistake can help someone in the future. I will still use Fireclean for short-term use and carbon removal – but no storage!



Fireclean Issue Problem - ObviouslyOperatorCom 1

Fireclean Issue Problem - ObviouslyOperatorCom 2

Fireclean Issue Problem - ObviouslyOperatorCom


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