Review: Pitbull Tactical Kydex Holsters

Obviously Operator Review Pitbull Tactical Kydex Holster S&W M&P 9 402987

Pitbull Tactical is a kydex holster maker based in Florida right here in the USA. I was looking to revamp my personal holsters in recent months and found myself swimming through a ton of companies and holster styles, but few stood out to me as reputable companies that put out a quality product. I’ve been using various products from small custom kydex shops up to production kydex holsters from G-Code- all too pretty good effect. I was looking for something new and something different that would really make me say “This is it!”. After much deliberation and debate over features and etc, I made the choice and I chose to go with Pitbull.

Pitbull Tactical was founded years ago as a “No fooling around, no excuses. […]” company (from their website) that was family owned and operated. Turns out that the guys at Pitbull are really cool! The bottom of their website states “If you have questions about an order, something on this site or just want to talk shop feel free to contact us.” They really do mean that. If you give them a call they will have no problem talking about holsters and setups that could potentially fit your needs – for hours.

So let’s tally it up:

Made in the USA (Florida, too!) – Check
Excellent Quality – Check
Awesome Custom Service – Check

Can’t really go wrong, there. Let’s talk about the actual holsters I got and how they stack up.

Pitbull Tactical Bloodline Holster

The ‘Bloodline’ kydex holster is the standard holster that Pitbull offers. It’s meant for non-light bearing pistols and comes in just about any configuration you can image. Colorways, cants, gun models, belt widths, carry side and just about every other option is available for these bad boys.

Both holsters I ordered were for the Smith & Wesson M&P 9/40 and to be OWB with no cant (and of course with my other specified options).

The kydex used is nice and thick and the holster is perfectly formed to the pistol you choose. Each holster you order comes complete with both IWB and OWB hardware for use in almost any configuration. Not only IWB or OWB- but the holsters are almost infinitely adjustable for ride height, spacing, and cant with different hardware configurations.

The holster locked up nice and tight due to the tolerances that Pitbull Tactical uses when creating these pieces. No adjustment was needed on my part, though I’m sure the holster could be adjusted for more or less retention if the end user needed to.

Attention to detail and cosmetics was also top notch on this holster. The outside edges of the holster were heat sealed and all the through-rivets were spaced evenly and in line with each other. The overall shape of the holster is pretty bad-ass, too! The flared four corners of the holster give it an almost “battle axe” look to it.

The photos below show the holster using the IWB belt clips reversed in order to be used in a ‘quick detach’ OWB configuration. The holster colorway is also ‘brown’ I believe.

Obviously Operator Review Pitbull Tactical Kydex Holster S&W M&P 9 402997

Obviously Operator Review Pitbull Tactical Kydex Holster S&W M&P 9 402998

Pitbull Tactical Nocturnal Holster

Holster number two that I ordered was from the “Nocturnal” series and boasts the ability to hold pistols which have lights attached to them on the forward rail. Just like the “Bloodline” series of holsters I was afforded all the customization options I could ever need with the addition of which light I was currently using. In this case, it’s the Surefire X300 on a full size M&P 9/40 frame and I chose to go with the ‘blue nose’ colorway.

The holster is shown configured with OWB belt loops which is another more ‘official’ way of using the Pitbull Tactical ‘Lockjaw’ clip system.

All the quality from Pitbull is included in the nocturnal version and the holster for my needs is rock solid. From dancing around the living room in full kit while the fiance is out with her friends to the occasional pistol or carbine class- these Pitbull holsters really hit the proverbial nail on the head for my uses.

The downside to these light-bearing holsters? You have to use the same light series- though that’s no fault of Pitbull Tacticall. That’s just how the ball rolls when dealing with an ever-changing and upgrading firearms industry that releases new products.

Obviously Operator Review Pitbull Tactical Kydex Holster S&W M&P 9 402991


‘Lockjaw’ Attachment System

In the photos above and in some of my comments you saw the Pitbull Tactical ‘Lockjaw’ system. These are newly designed clips and hardware that was just released earlier this year in 2015 from Pitbull. They are heavy-duty OWB and IWB clip parts that allow you to orient the holster any way you desire for just about any belt setup.

These clips are sturdy and are custom made for Pitbull Tactical to their specs. These attachments are a huge improvement over the standard flimsy clips that some manufacturers include with their holster – even the ones Pitbull themselves used to use which prompted the R&D to create these beefy retainers.

Overall the Pitbull Tactical holsters and their ‘Lockjaw’ attachments hit a home run for me. I’m no high speed fast-roping SEAL team member- but I’m sure that if they were ever to place an order that the holster they would receive will serve them well.

Check out Pitbull Tactical at their online shop.


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