Review: Bushido Tactical Messenger EDC Bag

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Ever since appointing myself a new laptop at work I’ve been searching high and low for a proper EDC messenger-style bag that I can carry a select few items plus what I need to bring to work each day. A few viable options came to the table while scouring the depths of Google from Hill People Gear, Refactor Tactical, and Bushido Tactical among others. Each product looked great on paper but had a few issues whether it was pricing or features.

When it came time to order and make a decision it came down to finding the sweet spot between what was available. This led me to the ‘Bushido Tactical Laptop Messenger Bag’.

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I don’t carry many items each day; as many EDC (Every Day Carry) proponents do. I’ve seen ‘pocket dumps’ from guys who some how carry two flashlights, a carry pistol, an extra magazine, a gigantic wallet, and a pocket knife. Where the hell do you fit all of that!?

Either way, the few things I do carry I would rather not have in my pockets.

Oh. A koozie; you never know when you’ll need a koozie.

A 15″ MacBook pro, a few pens, an iPad Mini, and my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 top the list of ‘must haves’ for the day. Extras include some chargers and miscellaneous items for emergencies.

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The Bushido Tactical Laptop Messenger bag comfortably holds all of the items above plus room for much more.

The bag I ordered was in the ‘Wolf Grey’ colorway as to not look too operator while walking to and from work. In my opinion OD Green, MultiCam, and FDE stick out a bit compared to your regular laptop bag colors. Yes, I could have gotten black but that’s no fun.

The bag is composed of high quality cordura and is made to be very solid. The threading was done cleanly and there are no stray threads or loose seams. When the bag is filled up and under load on your shoulder or in your hand you don’t have any feeling that the bag is sloppy or constructed poorly.

The Messenger Bag has two methods of carry; sewn-in heavy-duty carry handles, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap with sliding velcro shoulder pad. The hardware used on the adjustable shoulder strap is excellent and can bear the load of a full bag with ease.

Each zipper on the bag (three total; two large outside and one small inside) is complete with either a plastic pull tab or paracord zipper pull to aid in, well, zipping.

A great feature of the Bushido Tactical Laptop Messenger Bag is the inner lining of velcro on the inside of the two large outer pockets. One side of the bag has a large velcro-flapped pocket and the flip side has a large zippered pocket. I suppose depending on your preference you could use either one of these as the ‘outside’ of the bag (facing away from you). I chose to use the velcro-flapped pocket as the outside for my use of carry and that’s what works for me.

“It’s just velcro!” You might say. “Nay!” I say. The large velcro linings of these pockets allows the use of add-in pouches and holders so you can tailor the pockets to your style of ‘carry’. Bushido Tactical makes additional velcro-backed holsters and other widget that can be stuck on the inside of these pouches to secure your pistol. In this case my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

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Of course no bag is complete without some ‘flair’ velcro and the Bushido Tactical bag of course delivers in that department as well. On one of the bag sides is a four inch square of velcro above the pocket flap so you can affix as many patches as you can to ensure everyone you pass during the day knows you’re obviously an operator. See what I did there?

Would I recommend this bag? Yes. It’s constructed very well, is made in the USA and is priced right.

The Bushido Tactical Laptop Messenger Bag is available in their retail store for purchase and also online at or this direct link to the bag on the store website.


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