Cheap Ammo August: Wolf Gold Under $300

Wolf Gold Bullets Sale Cheap

Wolf Gold is the new hotness is cheap ammo. It can be found for around $300 per case of 1,000 rounds and it shoots exceptionally well.

“Eww! Wolf ammo is gross!” You might be saying. This ‘Wolf Gold’ brass cased ammo is made in Taiwan and is much better than its steel cased combloc counterpart.

See the following links to find Wolf Gold for UNDER $300 per case, and check back every month for a new posting on where to find some cheap ammo deals! – $293 + S/H – $299 + S/H with FREE Ammo Can – $289 + S/H – $299 + S/H

…and if you don’t want a full case, here’s some half-case deals: – $157 + FREE S/H (Club Members) – $159 + S/H



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